Cluade Violante

Claude Violante: For You

Cluade Violante

      1. For You


Claude Violante‘s down-tempo dance floor hit unearths a melancholy mood that is just right for swirling in the darkness. Dim the L.E.D. lights, and cue the fog machine: this is melodramatic synth-pop at it’s finest. Descriptive mouthfuls aside, those regal synths and pulsating back beats earn a comparison to French electronic counterpart, M83–a fellow enthusiast and perfectionist of dreamy extravagance. In likeness to M83, Violante–a Parisian-born producer and writer–creates an otherworldly experience worthy of its own fictitious movie scene. Her music creates visuals, and with them, sensation comes following close behind. This, she also demonstrated by scoring music for Oscar winner, Jean Dujardin’s film, “Les Infideles,” which she produced with the other half of her duo project, Haussman.

In “For You,” a whirlpool of imagery entrenches the listener in her ocean of sounds, which she proudly can take credit for writing and producing. Ambient backgrounds mixed into swaying upbeats only bolster Violante’s crystal clear vocals and sweetly written lyrics that make you wonder, ‘what can’t this girl do?’

Her 4-song debut EP is out now on the indie French label, Tsunami-Addiction. Enjoy discovering all the wonder of artist-to-know, Claude Violante.