Classixx: Holding on

Classixx is in charge of giving you the vitality you need in our least favorite day of the week. It’s Monday, you probably woke up early, a little grumpy and exhausted from the weekend.

      1. Holding On


Well, “Holding On” will be the perfect ingredient to start the week! The uplifting disco song takes you sailing away through the Mediterranean salty waters, your melatonin working as never before giving you that burnt orangey tan, which shines in contrast with the deep blue sea. Everything is beautiful, the captain is beautiful (also tanned), and you are popping endless bottles of Veuve Clicquot. Ok, let’s stop daydreaming. It’s Monday. Let’s get back to work, lol, so maybe one day we can buy an yacht.


Classixx is the LA duo Michael David and Tyler Blake, previously known as Young Americans. The two childhood friends partnered with Kitsune back in 2009 with the single “I’ll Get You” featuring Jeppe. Early this year they released their first album “Hanging Gardens”.