City Evocation

The Color of New Orleans featuring Cleo Wade & Liza Voloshin

Every city carries an air of it’s own, a spirit – a smell, a pace, an energy, and if we’re lucky a feeling. And every person shares their own affinity with a city, an affair of sorts – some feeling more than others, and others not feeling much at all. Nonetheless, venturing into a new city is a ride into the unknown, leaving more learned than before.


As travelers, we always find interest in the way our creative peers experience a city. Especially, when those cultural enthusiasts are native to the community. We listen just a little more carefully, and unknowingly, trust a little more deeply. Land Rover has cultivated the City Evocation Series, a visual journey spotlighting select tastemakers and their beloved cities.

In celebration of the release of the new Range Rover Evoque, three creatives took to their cities as we sat passenger seat, observing the landscape through their eyes. Land Rover is rooted in design and equipped to maneuver most natural conditions (on and off-road cruising) but the Evoque is tailor made for urban-specific conditions and with a large skylight window, it is the perfect vehicle to explore the city.

Each experts in their crafts, we understand a city through the lenses of three cultural aficionados. NY-based photographer Paul Jung, famed for his ability to fuse fashion and fine art with abstract geometry, takes us on a tour through the Shape of New York, expertly showing us how to find calm and peace in a city so populated. Flying West to the City of Angels, we shadow major music and nightlife fixture Them Jeans (aka Jason Stewart) through his creative process, and how the unique energy of LA inspires his musical output. Finally, we caught up with artist and poet Cleo Wade and painter and photographer Liza Voloshin in vibrant New Orleans. As passionate artists, they embody the importance of emotion in design.

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Cleo Wade & Liza Voloshin

Lovers of life and all things color, Cleo and Liza run the female art collective Chez Conversations. While out and about in New Orleans – filming, photographing, styling, exploring, the creative duo tell us of the city’s ability to inspire through a spectrum of color, specifically, the power of red.

“You can look at yellow and feel happy. You can look at green and feel the energy. You can look at red and feel the love.” Moving through New Orleans, we see the omnipresence of color and how in the words of Cleo and Liza, “Whenever I come to New Orleans I always find a new combination of colors that inspire me to write a new combination of words.”

“The color of New Orleans really allows me to understand the complexity of color & the way that it plays with our human emotions.”

This post was made in partnership with Land Rover USA