Citizens!: True Romance

      1. True Romance


Recorded in Scotland and produced by Franz Ferdinand + Alex Kapranos, the British mod-pop boys of Citizens!, hold nothing back with their debut single “True Romance.” Giddy melodies loft  into a cheerful irresponsible prance as the track spans the width of smooth keys, a tinge of synth, and masculine vocals together with flirtatious lyrics. Whether you’re in love, getting there, or searching for it, Tom Burke (vocals), Thom Rhoades (guitar), Martyn Richmond (bass), Lawrence Diamond (keyboards / guitar), & Mike Evans (drums) have a way with words when they mash up their musical mastery.

“We had this vision of the songs we wanted to write, and it was all about making pop music that was imaginative, exciting and interesting” says Burke. The slightly unorthodox quintet wallows in their modern pop title, “pop is not a dirty word.” Signed with French label Kitsuné, Citizens! will release their EP this Spring and full debut album in the Fall, which will include “True Romance,” their latest single, Reptile, and a lineup of nine fresh tracks. A little Hot Chip, a little Broken Bells, True Romance is bound to float your love boat, even if to the simple love for music.

      2. Reptile

“We had a strict set of rules that we forced ourselves to abide by, One was we weren’t allowed to do any studio trickery, so there’s no auto-tune or correcting mistakes or anything on the record. And then there was the idea that no element of any given song was allowed to sound as if it came from the same place. So the main idea behind ‘True Romance’ was, ‘Kanye West producing an Arcade Fire song’. Or maybe it’s the other way round… But it’s the thing of doing what people least expect but making it sound addictive and exciting.” – Citizens!