TrendShop: Cire Trudon NY Store

One of the oldest and most (hyped) famous French candle makers, opened their 1st store (in 126 years) on Bond street, NYC. Owned and art directed by French hype guru Ramdane Touhami, the 367 years old brand is the top of the top candle brand – The 800 sq ft Cire Trudon store interior design with their classical mirrors and stucco to create an old stylish feel of a Parisian store. In Cire Trudon fashion of always working with the best craftsman all around the world, the mirrors are handmade and aged following a XVII century method in Paris, the stucco is designed by a celebrated French company who works for all the French museums, and the main furniture was handmade in Pennsylvania by an Amish carpenter.

Like the Paris store, you will find a selection of antiques and news pieces dedicated to candles – chandeliers, candlesticks, candelabras, wick knifes, and snuffers – which will all be for sale.

Cire Trudon has a fascinating history. The company was founded in 1643 when a salesman named Claude Trudon arrived in Paris. He soon became the owner of a shop on Saint-Honoré Street and sold groceries as well as wax and candles for domestic usage. In 1719, Cire Trudon became a royal wax manufacturer. In 1747 Cire Trudon furnished Louis XIV’s court as well as almost all of the great French churches with candles. In 1973

Cire Trudon survived the French Revolution, but sadly lit the last hours of Louis XIV and Marie-Antoinette’s life. Thanks to the quality of his wax, Cire Trudon survived the arrival of gas and electricity. In 1810, Cire Trudon became the favorite of Napoleon Bonaparte. To commemorate the birth his son, Napoleon gave him a Trudon candle encrusted with gold coins featuring the Emperor’s portrait.

In 1930, the manufacturer moved to Normandy and started to produce candles for the greatest French companies: Christian Dior, Hermès, Guerlain and Cartier. In 2006, Ramdane Touhami took over the candle factory. He recreated the 17th century production, invented 22 fragrances, and built the brand into one of the biggest businesses on the market with 550 sales outlets in 54 countries. In 2007, inspired by the magic of Trudon, he created a line of candles reminiscent of its glorious past.

Press images by Piotr Redlinsk.

Cire Trudon New York
54, Bond Street
New York City