Chris Fraser’s Light Installations

Word about the “camera obscura” has been around since the 4th BC. It essentially works like an overhead projector, is one of the inventions that led to photography, and was the starting point for Chris Fraser‘s stunning light installation. A young photographer from the Bay Area, Chris’s body of work began as an investigation into the possibility of a living photography. The camera is not a device but a situation; and rays of light that we walk into, wear, and change. Even the smallest of gestures have aesthetic consequences.

This has produced a number of exhibits and personal performances by Chris, who has effectively wielded a camera to create various visual effects, in which people can not only witness the installations as a third party, but interact, immerse, and have their own personal experience of each piece.

” My light installations use the camera obscura as a point of departure. They are immersive optical environments, idealized spaces with discreet openings. In translating the outside world into moving fields of light and color, the projections make an argument for an unfixed notion of sight.”

” Motion emphasizes the vitality of these projections. Whether through the slow arc of the sun, the kinetic pace of pedestrian traffic, or a sometimes easy pulse of wind, each work responds to an environment in flux.”

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