Chim Chim Captures The Perfect Scent

Chim Chim is the new way to experience scent. Inspired by potpourri, Chim Chim is a scent diffuser that brings an upscale and high-end vibe to the mix. The scent bottle is cleverly housed in a box made from solid natural surfaces including marble, red clay, Hinoki wood, porcelain, brass and aluminum. Created by product designers Rui Pereira & Ryosuke Fukusada, the product is part of Cotto Another Perspective 4 | Around the patch’ exhibition which will be held during Milan Design Week at Ventura Lambrate.


Chim Chim is intuitive and inventive product design produced both in Portugal and Japan. By leaving the scent box materials untreated, Pereira and Fukusada created a product that only gets better with time and use. When the scent is poured, the liquid will be absorbed into the material, complementing its natural aroma. To give the product a unique touch, Pereira and Fukusada encourage users to mix and match the boxes to allow the experimentation of materials, their natural aromas and scent fragrance.







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