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Dining out multiple times a week can get tiresome and routine. Chefday has found the perfect solution to your mid-week restaurant cravings, and the perfect way to improve your skills in the kitchen. Enjoy the luxuries of cooking at home without the stressful decision of what to make. Start by choosing a recipe constructed by one of Chefday’s amazing chef collaborations. Within 24 hours a lovely bag of organic hand-picked ingredients will be delivered right to your door. Don’t worry, you are not expected to magically make a perfect meal on your own, or put a dinner together with some vague cooking instructions. Chefday is there every step of the way and has created simple cooking videos for you to follow, rewind, or skip to what you need to know. This creates a partnership in cooking technology that culinary students have shelled out huge tuitions for. Take advantage of this people! Amazing food cooked by you with the guidance of NYC’s leading chefs, what could impress a date more!


I had the lovely opportunity to tour their Brooklyn office and cooking headquarters. One of the three co-founders (Julien Nakache) showed me a day in the life of the Chefday team. First Laurent Moïsi (co-founder) wakes up at the crack of dawn and heads to the local markets, haggling for the freshest seasonal products. This man cares about ingredients, the time and dedication to quality are evident in each recipe kit. Vincent Marger is the third co-founder and the technology master behind their gorgeous online presence. Julien is the product chief responsible for all the innovative packaging and recipe organization. This team really knows how to be completely passionate about their work and have a blast while doing it. Agathe Roncey, Chief of Communications, says, “Working for a start-up is rewarding and motivating.”  She explains how entertaining is fun but can be overwhelming. Agathe orders meals from Chefday and makes an event out of it by inviting all of her friends to come and cook, a creative party idea relieving the stress of hosting. These recipes are measured with care down to the last grain of salt. The Chefday team believes in fully sustainable and bio-degratable packaging with no waste of precious ingredients. Julien talks about the importance of their customers and the thoughtful customer appreciation rewards that they seamlessly slip into an order such as: fresh baked macarons, discounts for next time, and even a new chefs knife.



Their philanthropic efforts don’t end at sustainability. Cook 1, Feed 1 is a program invented to give back to the the Food Bank for NYC. For every meal purchased from Chefday, a full healthy meal will be donated, and the team enjoys the time to hand-deliver these donations themselves. A model company with an innovative work-ethic and a big heart, now that’s a meal you can feel great about spending money on.

We love ChefDay and want our amazing readers to experience this creative new way of eating. ChefDay is extending a generous offer to the first 50 readers. Click on the link below and start cooking!
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