Ceramic Surfaces by B.Fiess

B:Fiess ceramin_1

Hopelessly engaged with ceramic surfaces, American designer Benjamin Fiess, aka B.Fiess, creates stunning objects. The compositions of materials and surfaces are harmonious, simplifying ordinal forms that belongs to personally affected environment.

These beautiful pieces look like more conceptual than ordinary mass-produced objects, made primarily of porcelain, combined with mixed media elements such as wood, iron and felt.

ben feiss-ceramic-capsule-3

B:Fiess ceramin_3

B:Fiess ceramin_2

B:Fiess ceramin_11

B:Fiess ceramin_10

B:Fiess ceramin_9

B:Fiess ceramin_8

B:Fiess ceramin_7

B:Fiess ceramin_6

B:Fiess ceramin_5

B:Fiess ceramin_4
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