Celebrating 10 Years of WAD : The Marathon


In honor of the 10th anniversary of one of our all time favorite mags, Trendland has decided to do a 10-day-WAD-Marathon. WAD is an acronym for WE’AR DIFFERENT. The name which reads two ways is a fair self-proclaimed boast whether you catch the We-are-different or wear-different assertion first. The last and current issue of WAD (March, April, May 2009) is bursting with original Mag of Fame content and if I could I would scan every page for my digital archive. But given that we too are celebrating their ten years we should be digging past the spiderwebs to bring back the creative ingenuity that the mag was founded on. So stay tuned this week for all the upcoming WADNESS!

To open the Marathon I would like to feature the birthday cake editorial from the current issue entitled “A Piece of Cake”, which makes my eyes and mouth water in way that far too few editorials can now a days. All the cakes were made by The Cake Store in London.