Chrome Canyon

Caveman: In the City (Chrome Canyon Remix)

Chrome Canyon

We already know that Caveman self titled album is probably one of the best this year. But who would imagine that the stand out “In The City” would totally go along with Al Green’s soulful sounds?

[mp3j track=”Caveman-vs-Al-Green-In-the-City-Chrome-Canyon-remash.mp3″]


Chrome Canyon did. The Brooklyn based producer makes the song compatible for listening on red satin sheets, covering a round bed in a motel in the middle of a nowhere desert. It’s the late 70’s, you are wearing your leopard jacket, high-waisted leather pants, sexily dancing to the groove while you await your “badboy boyfriend.  He’s out dealing with guns, street fights, gangs, who knows what else, getting ready to embark on another road trip to the next motel. Wow, such a thrilling life!


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