Catherine Leutenegger : Welcome Home Baby

Just a little eery, dont you think? At first glance you could easily mistake these newborn baby dolls as real babies. Swiss Photographer Catherine Leutenegger found these polymer dolls online through a Swiss distributor and photographed them for a recent exhibition in Geneva.

Leuteneggar, who is a youthful 27, was clearly going for the shock that follows when you realize that you’ve been taken in by an extremely effective illusion, but her real goal is deeper than that.  “We are living in a time when parents are on the point of being able to pick the sex of their children and even determine the hair coloring and other features,” Leutteneger says, “It raises questions about where the limits are.” Leutenegger notes that the illusion only works when the baby’s eyes are closed. “If the eyes are open,” she says.”You can immediately see that it is not real.”