Castelbajac AW 09 Collection


Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is the Living Warhol of Fashion! Not to compare the two because he is a genius in his own right, but the feelings they evoke for me are similar. And to be perfectly honest I probably look more forward to his show each season that I do to any other in Paris. Yes, the wearibilty of a large part of his collections can be argued but the freedom of expression and pop references send my mind to happy places. Its a real performance and a loud forecast of whats to come in fashion. You may think that this could hardly translate into inspiration for other designers, but there are currently quite well known designers who have acquired his style and aesthetic to the “T”.

Being part of Basquiat and Warhol’s circle its inevitable that he channels their vibe and makes it his own. Throughout Castelbajac’s flashback teleport to his friends The Muppets, Warhol and Basquiat for AW 09 collection he he gathers a full blast of color and just enough mockery.