Cards by Illustrator Maira Kalman


Known for her illustrations on the cover of The New Yorker (including the 2001 collaboration with Rick Meyerowitz for the “New Yorkistan” cover), in books for both children and adults, and fabric designs for Issac Mizrahi, Maira Kalman has made a serious name for herself with her whimsical art.  Sketches from her book The Principles of Uncertainty have been placed on greeting cards available at both Catbird and Whigby.

The cards, which feature everything from commentary on grilled cheeses to warnings of the impending death of the sun, come across as direct and poignant, while still silly enough to get a giggle out of the reader.  In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Kalman said: “When I buy postcards I try to buy multiples so I can keep one for myself.  The tools of writing really are lovely.”  Exactly.