Candyman of Minimalism

Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 1

With no more than one glance at Matt Crump’s site photography series, you will understand why he rightfully is the  “Candyman of Minimalism”. His work is a real pleasure to the eye of the viewer, as Crump has his way of detecting the eye-catching and curvaceous parts of the sites he comes across, and capturing them in colorful backdrops. The mixing of fun and abstracted aesthetics produces a delightful result, justifying his big following audience across Russia, Czech Republic, and parts of rural America.

Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 3 Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 4 Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 6 Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 8 Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 11 Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 12 Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 13 Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 14 Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 17 Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 18 Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 22 Matt-Crump-Site-Photography - 23

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