Candy Magazine : Premier Issue Fall/Winter 09

candy mag by luis venegas-premier issue

As the print world is collapsing the niches markets in print are surfacing with magazine such as Candy, the first fashion magazine ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations. Though this concept may sound profoundly obscure and irrelevant, this is a great example of the path print will take on. Printed matter will become more lavish in concept and delivery and be targeted towards highly refined demographics. Print will remain, as an art form, allowing magazines like Candy to be born.

Callum Wilson by Karim Sadli-candy mag-1Callum Wilson by Karim Sadli-candy mag-12

I absolutely love this editorial shot for the magazine by Karim Sadli. There is this purity about seeing a pubescent looking boy wearing couture garments, that seems so seamlessly suiting. I am looking forward to picking up this issue to have a look at everything else inside. It is a limited distribution with only 1000 copies.

Callum Wilson by Karim Sadli-candy mag-13

Callum Wilson by Karim Sadli-candy mag-14

Callum Wilson by Karim Sadli-candy mag-5

Callum Wilson, shot by Karim Sadli and styled by Robbie Spencer using all pieces from the LaCroix archive for the premier issue of Candy Magazine Fall/Winter 09.

The Editor in Chief : Luis Venegas

candy mag by luis venegas