Camo S/S 2010 Collection

How can you get more trendy than the latest Camo S/S 2010 collection!?  The new “Horses Collection” is pretty on point with the summer trends, a mix of polo player and Dubai Sheikh. An elegant collection with easy to wear style, that you can be sure to see this summer…

Camo Philosophy:
Get materials created with specific purposes, get ideas from the world of uniforms and Get its codes. get these codes twisted, concealed and camouflaged so that they can fit to our contemporary context. Camo, clothes brand, has inspiration in north-European countries but it is clearly Italian. “Camo” stands for “camouflage” that is something disguised, something camouflaged.
It is pronounced in the same way in all the languages of the world and it is often used to indicate a specific pattern of any product.