California Seclusion

Take Care and Recharge In One of Five Secret Stays

Written by Jacquelyn Lumley

Modern diversion begs for a world uninterrupted by signals or service. This world exists in treasured pockets of flora and fauna. California’s Central Coastline can satisfy a taste for nature while allowing a traveler to indulge in the luxuries of intentional interior design space. Take a vacation from your attachment to known connections in one of these five remote properties.

Sequoia Modern
Three Rivers, California

Well-dressed and distinctive, this property is a truly exceptional nature stay. Merge mind and matter in a window scape that unites the divide between in and outside. Situated nearby a river surrounded by Sequoia Redwood trees, a traveler can indulge in both nature and nurture with a stay in this scenic paradise.

Sequoia Modern Three Rivers California

modern_vacation_red cottage_yosemite_california_
The Red A Frame
Yosemite, California

Surrounded by the Sierra National Forest and situated on a meadow full of wildflowers, this is the cabin you’ve been waiting for. The layout is sublime with a classic A-frame rooftop and energetic interior pops of color. Designed in harmony with its surrounding environment, this cabin pays tribute to the philosophy of organic architecture. Here, the traveler can truly tap into the fundamentals of why we seek out a cabin life experience while still indulging in an exceptional retreat vibe.

Artist Loft
Big Sur, CA

Find creative resurgence in an artist loft tucked away down a dirt road. Charming details, lots of light and redwood tree views make this space an unspoiled haven. The garden wisps its way in and out of focus, lending life and clarity to the ambiance surrounding the property. With no wifi, a traveler can truly disconnect and tap into this hidden creative dreamland.

artist loft big sur

guernville california
Guerneville Modern
Sonoma, California

Visual clarity provokes mental clarity in a way that it urges the mind to personify a clean open space. This Sonoma property takes influence from Nordic design with its simple and practical presence. The open setting allows the mind to fill in empty space with fresh new thoughts. The great outdoors surround allowing for both a mental and physical retreat in this modern cabin space.

Summit Cottage
Inverness, California

Redefine your outlook on forest life in this retro remote cottage. Floor to ceiling windows under a charismatic roof design welcome the zealous experience seeker. An exterior framed by the surrounding forest blends with the rhythmic vibe of this camp space. Spend the night and manifest self-expression while paying tribute to the open land and surrounding mountain scape.

summit cittage california

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