Calico Wallpaper


Brooklyn-based design studio Calico Wallpaper is the brainchild of creative and life partners, Rachel Mosler and Nick Cope. Inspired by ancient paper marbling traditions, the talented duo, employ handmade cotton metallic pigments to create bespoke, marbleized wall coverings.


Blurring the lines between art and wallpaper, an artisinal process lies at the heart of Calico Wallpaper. A true celebration of craftsmanship combined with a deep respect for high quality materials, results in unique, ethereal and shimmering designs.


These large scale wallpapers add intrigue, glamour and luxury to commercial and residential spaces. The passion embedded within Calico Wallpaper is undeniable as Mosler shares in an interview with Design Milk; We wanted paint and light to dance without breaks. I’m an artist and Nick is a designer. He loved the work that I was doing, and I loved his idea to apply it to interiors.”



Nick shares; “Our method embodies years of research in the various disciplines in paper marbling, which have spanned the globe. The arts of uminagashi and Ebru, emanating from Japan and Turkey centuries ago are both evident in our inaugural collection. However, it is our expansion of these practices that makes Calico Wallpapers truly unique. By drawing from each of these forms we have created something entirely different”.




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