Caitlin Doherty Learns to Multiply

Caitlin Doherty has always loved making things, sculpting, print making and especially painting. Indeed, this recent graduate of Canadian OCAD from the Drawing and Painting program even paints on hand constructed birch supports she makes herself. Her work is derived from vintage family photos that she finds at garage and estate sales, flea markets and friend’s collections. The project Learn to multiply references SX70 Polaroids and is based on Kensington Market in the 70’s from a friend’s collection. Working within these photographic dimensions she uses collage to subtly change the content of the original photo. Then, she paints over the surface of the collage to block out certain visual information and masks the facial characteristics of the figures. Finally, she duplicates and multiplies the figures in her paintings to create surreal and humorous images.

“I like the idea that these paintings can be mistaken for original SX70 Polaroids at first glance but upon closer inspection they are invented moments that never took place.”

The multiple figures represent an individual’s consciousness, like good versus evil, or external behavior versus internal thought, multiple sides to everyone. This prolific artist, also teaches at Sheridan College, works in set design and prop creation and does illustrations for major Canadian print publications.

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