Byblos Art Hotel

“This classical Venetian style villa is a glorious example of 15th century Baroque style where tradition blends harmoniously with modern design by the well-known architect Alessandro Mendini.  Located in the heart of Valpolicella – 15 minutes drive from the romantic town of Verona, Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amista is the perfect marriage between the past and the present, between refinement and avant-garde,” quoted from The Leading Hotels of the World.

I heard about this dynamic hotel after my parents stay there last summer, but it was not until I saw the photos that Ideat magazine had published that I was fully struck by the magnitude of design that encompassed this place. The Art Hotel is one of the most successful examples of over design I have come across in my research, but Alessandro Mendini is no amateur when it comes to combining historical elements with highly contemporary ones.

photos scanned from Ideat magazine