Buster & Punch

Our friends over at Buster & Punch are launching their highly anticipated LED BUSTER BULB on March 18th.

This is the world’s first designer LED bulb and The worlds first
‘useful bulb’ producing both ambient & spot light! We are all excited to see it coming to life!


In 2009 the world decided enough was enough.
With energy consumption rising to unprecedented highs, governments across the world passed measures to phase out incandescent & filament light bulbs in favour of more energy-efficient lighting alternatives. There was only one problem to the plan – all the alternatives fell a long way short.
Already past their sell-by date, the first viable light bulbs used compact fluorescents, however there were still environmental concerns over the mercury content and lifespan of this solution. It quickly became clear that the only real way to crack this nut was by using LED technology.
Two years ago we set ourselves this challenge. Buster + Punch would be the first independent design label to produce the worlds first designer LED bulb.
Defining the next evolution for an industry that is undergoing a change in ideals, the BUSTER bulb raises the bar in lighting technologies. A bulb so elegant in design and light quality, LED is finally having it’s ‘moment’. It is long overdue.

buster punch bulb scaled
buster punch bulb scaled
buster punch bulb scaled


With the design, we wanted to achieve two things. The first was, quite simply, to make LED sexy. The second was to create a more useful light bulb that would give off both an ambient warm glow and a focused spot light – something never achieved by a single light bulb before.

Celebrating individuality and purity of design, if anything characterises the BUSTER bulb, it’s the power of invention. Drawing inspiration from the Eddison filament bulb, a teardrop-shaped glass shell houses a resin light pipe that creates a crisp, clean quality of light. There’s a choice of three glass colors in either warm gold, smoked grey or bright crystal and the bulbs are finished with a satin metallic sheen, so they look as good off as they do when they’re on.

If people are going to invest in something, they need to know it’s worth it. Inspiration, over aspiration, it’s lighting’s new holy grail.

buster punch bulb scaled
buster punch bulb scaled


The resin light pipe at the centre of the BUSTER bulb is where the magic happens.

These patented white fins allow ambient light to diffuse through the sides of the bulb and reflect down the centre of the pipe, where it exits as a spot light. The light pipe has enabled us to create a bulb that can provide subtle lighting in a room, whilst at the same time throw focused light onto tables and surfaces below.


The BUSTER bulb is the first stylish eco-friendly LED alternative to traditional filament bulbs. The E27 base means it can be used as a direct replacment for standard screw-thread incandescent bulbs. The BUSTER bulb is fully dimmable and at 2700K, provides a soft, flattering ambient light.

At 3W they consume just 1/20th of the energy of a conventional incandescent and last over 7 times longer. The bulbs exceed all applicable UK & EU safety standards and bulb life is an excellent 10,000 hours or just under 5 years at six hours a day, so great for both the environment and the wallet.

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