Building a Tiny World – Miniature Calendar by Tatsuya Tanaka

Japanese designer and photographer Tatsuya Tanaka creates miniature scenes that spark memories of the boundless imagination of childhood. In his Miniature Calendar project, a cluster of broccoli may become a forest and a toast can be seen as a boxing ring.

Since April 2011, Tanaka has been building his miniature world, combining food and everyday items with miniature figures. He shares his creations on a daily basis. With over two thousand scenes and counting, his Instagram account now has over one million followers.

Tanaka used to work as an art director at a design company. In the beginning he casually set up some miniature figures that he collected and posted on his Instagram account. As the new posts got bigger reactions and he received comments asking to ‘see the miniature calendar everyday‘, Tanaka decided that he should post daily. Since then, he never thought about stopping because the project was too good for him to quit.

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