Brutality in Pale Colors

Brutality in Pale Colors + The wild side of youth leashed +

Back with yet another brilliantly edited and forwardly cohesive menswear collection is Olivier Borde, Garde-Robe for SS10. This designer duo is making a name in fusing fashion antonyms. Their collection can be described as a love scene where the prepster met the grunger or the fine line between the slouch and the polished. It is a mix of all that we love. See their statement about the SS10 Collection, Brutality in Pale Colors, below.

Collection Statement
Inspired by the almost post-urban mood of the Pieter Hugo series ‘The Hyena Men’ where the tranquil ferocity of the animal is held at the neck by young men. Dressed in multiple layers of soft, used, dusty and pale-colored clothes that also evoke the tone of Jackie Nickerson’s ‘Farm’. This is transposed into bespoke denim goods where raw cut edges mix with delicate details.