Bon Iver: Towers

Listen to “Towers” here

[mp3j track=”04-Towers.mp3″]


Glorious, Bon Iver. From the heavenly falsetto harmonies to the folk-rock break downs and violin-made apexes, ears go paralyzed with pleasure from Justin Vernon’s stunningly beautiful and intimate music. It is rare to find such a raw and gorgeous collection of songs found on his newest gift to the world, self-titled, Bon Iver. The collaborative essence of his 2nd album only adds to the orchestral magnificence and emotional power of his crystalline sound.

If I may speak on behalf of many, ever since For Emma, Forever Ago, “Skinny Love,” we’ve been waiting.

Listen to “Skinny Love” here

[mp3j track=”Bon-Iver_Skinny-Love.mp3″]