Blooms From Dusk Till Dawn


Founded in 2010, Swedish gardening house Coloni takes a conceptual approach to green-thumbery, collaborating with a horticulturist to develop plant seed mixes according to theme, much like a designer would conceive of a clothing collection.


Their Spring/Summer 2014 range, From Dusk Till Dawn, consists of three seed mixtures evoking different times of day: Early Shades has brittle-stemmed and silky flowers that open up to the morning sun and close up at the end of the day.


Harvest Noon has sprawling, meadow-like grasses and Into the Night has exotic, shade-loving blooms with frosted edges, speckles, colored veins and geometric spots. If you’re curious about the results, a mood painting for each set draws on the dominant colors that will soon sprout from the seeds in each packet.








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