Blood Red Shoes: In Time To Voices


      1. In Time To Voices


The UK has seen its share of freshman indie talent this year and one duo particularly, more weathered, clutches a unique musical frame with their new album In Time To Voices (via Cooperative Music, produced by Mike Crossey). Blood Red Shoes serve up a wild ride with their bilateral single “In Time To Voice” switching from sultry to hostile with rock momentum. Echoing revisions of Garbage or Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the pair, Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell, bleed their strong influences of punk roots and rock legends into a more astral and beat-forward dimension of soundscapes. Seasoned and ready for take off, the twosome attack stages this Fall and prep fans with their album release July 25.

“With this album we totally threw out the rulebook of how we write and record. We decided we wanted to make a really ambitious record, not something which reflects our live show but something which is only limited by our imaginations and not by how many instruments we use onstage…We feel like we’re shooting for the stars.” – Steven Ansell