Wyne veen_DutchCuisine_Finals_boterhamvruchtenhagel

Blend: A Take on Dutch Cuisine

Wyne Veen is a Dutch photographer with a controversial eye for capturing the highly manufactured way people live and the absurd appeal of the things people consume.


Her free series “Blend” sheds light on Dutch Cuisine or according to the artist, the lack of thereof. Veen captures the cynicism behind bland dutch food by glorifying them aesthetically.


Wyne veen_DutchCuisine_Finals_stoopwafels

Wyne veen_DutchCuisine_Finals_negerzoenen

Wyne veen_DutchCuisine_Finals_melk

Wyne veen_DutchCuisine_Finals_advocaat


For more info visit : www.wyneveen.com