hey come from a little city at the top of Scandinavia, made up of thousands of islands that stretch out into the archipelago. Like most Scandinavian and many European cities the bicycle is the preferred mode of transport and has been for over 100 years. They started their mission in Stockholm in 2009, when a small group of Swedish cyclists and designers fanatical about bicycle design came together with an idea. 5 years and 3 design lines later, they now have a boutique store/workshop in Stockholm and their creative studio in Soho, New York.

Biked ID mission is to create the purest bicycle experience possible, providing a simple ride with no mess, complications or extravagant details. They create premium, robust, utilitarian city bikes designed with longevity in mind. For them there is a nostalgic romance in the form of a bicycle, a simple, elegant and noble mode of transport.

To this effect they have a motto which they call “classic innovation”, Bike ID bikes are inspired by the classic and elegant design of the iconic bicycle, yet full of the innovative components and materials that make us a contemporary bicycle brand. For example, all of the bikes have an automatic gear system which shifts up and down automatically at 11mph, making it an easy and fast bike. The frame is fabricated in Chromoly steel, making it stronger than aluminum and lighter than regular steel. And for any of the components that they don’t make themselves, they have hand selected the best components from the industry to create a lightweight, robust and aesthetically pleasing city bike.


aybe it’s their Swedish roots or the involvement in the wider design community but with simple and functional design comes an aesthetic beauty which is apparent in all of our bicycles. The reality is that most of us live in small apartments in cities across the world, space is a luxury and we know that our bikes spend half their time in the kitchens, hallways, bedrooms or on the walls of their owners apartments.

bikeid premium bike
bikeid premium bike
bikeid premium bike
bikeid premium bike

” We wanted to create something beautiful that can be hung on the wall and appreciated as a design piece, like a classic lamp or piece of furniture as well as being the best mode of transport ever invented.


New classic model, the gentleman’s city bike.
The geometric shape of the frame and handlebars gives you a more upright riding position and thanks to the wide, sprung leather saddle you get the smoothest possible ride. It’s a modern take on the classic gentleman’s city bike and with a front luggage rack for increased utility. The Majestic comes in a high gloss black and is equipped with a single-speed hub, BIKEID classic mudguards, front luggage rack, handmade brown leather grips from our grip maker in Paris Beau Velo? and a new BIKEID leather saddle

bikeid premium bike c
bikeid premium bike

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bikeid premium bike
bikeid premium bike
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bicycle in its purest form, this minimalist urban commuter bike is a Swedish design with a sleek matte black frame and components in glossy black.

Eliminating the clutter of cables and levers, it has an automatic two-speed gear system built into the rear hub that shifts automatically up and down at 11 mph. The hub has a built-in rear foot brake, and the optional front brake is included. The 22″ frame is lightweight at only 25lbs and is made of durable CrMo steel.

The grips are made from special microfiber for resilience against moisture and temperature shifts. Reflectors are included. Assembly is required.

• Frame size 32″ (56 cm) made out of durable double butted Chromoly tubing
• Rear two-speed hub by Automatix
• Tektro front brake.
• Rear foot brake (coaster brake) with reflectors on the pedals.
• Handmade leather grips by Beau Velo.
• Comfortable sprung real leather saddle.
• Crankset and bottom bracket by FSA Gimondi (46T/170mm).
• Colour matched 100% rubber tires.
• Silicone lubricated chain for minimal mess.
• Stainless steel basket suitable for a normal-sized bag and can carry weight up to 44 lbs.

This month, our friends at BIKEID are offering us a 10% discount on all their bikes & accessories – Just use TRENDLAND at the checkout –

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