Big Gigantic – High Life

There are times when a band will come around and produce an amazing sound in an original way that people look at it and think, “Damn, why hasn’t someone else thought of this before?”  Big Gigantic is one of those bands.  The duo of Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken have combined their mulitple talents together to make some amazing new music as well as killing live shows around the US.  Lalli composes music on his laptop and keyboard and then lays down smooth jazzy riffs with his sax while Salken keeps the beat on the drums.  The whole operation seems like it would take a whole lot more than 2 dudes to complete, but they hold it down quite well.

High Life is a track off of their album Wide Awake.  The track starts off like any other electronic song that a producer like Flying Lotus would make but then the songs shifts and the sax comes in and changes the whole composition of the song, blowing it wide open with a smooth riff.  This is bound to get your head nodding and your toes tapping.  Their music is available on iTunes, but is also available for free on their site here.  If you like it, why not throw a couple bucks at the band?  Enjoy!

      2. 02 High Life

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