Better your Creative Process with Surface Create

As part of its new project #SurfaceCreate, Microsoft has put Surface Pro 3 to the test by partnering with Pan Studio, Ditto Press and Studio Swine, all East London based creatives.

The project will highlight the creative potential of Surface Pro 3 whilst showing the teams on their creative journey of ideas and bringing their designs to life.


Surface Pro 3 is able to run powerful applications such as Autodesk, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office. It comes equipped with a pen which lets you write, draw and sketch on the pressure-sensitive screen, while Palm Block technology allows you to rest your hand on the screen without altering your work.


Since design and organisation is an integral part of Anglo-Japanese Studio Swine’s work, Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves knew that the Surface Pro 3 would be a perfect solution to their working process. Now in their third year, the studio has made its mark in the design industry for using local resources through international projects. For the for the #SurfaceCreate project, Studio Swine have challenged themselves with making the “ultimate high-heeled shoe” from a lightweight aluminum foam composed of 90% air and 10% metal.


Pan Studio takes a different approach and transitions from installation to connecting objects and computer games, with the challenge of transforming everyday objects into musical instruments. While, the subculture publishers Ditto Press will deliver a detailed myriad print process.


In celebration of both the process and the result the #SurfaceCreate hub will catalogue insights from the designers on The Huffington Post.