Best of Belin: Matthieu Belin

You might say we have a small obsession with photographer Matthieu Belin. We have already featured him several times (here and here) but because of this…hmmmmmm…small obsession, we thought we’d show you some of his earlier work that has not been showcased as of yet. His stunning imagery walks the line between tradition and contemporary, his love of showing design product in ancient foundations is a signature element that immediately associates him with the work. Even in campaigns he continually nods to the past; culture, dress, architecture, there is usually something there to indicate his respect and love for it. He of course is located in the ultimate part of the planet to exorcize this passion, China, with it’s mad dash to modernize is a country seeped in the immersion of both the old and the new. Sadly, the remaining structures and cultural foundations are at major risk of being lost to the Chinese’s bulldozing race with time. So it is a blessing to have Belin there, allowing us to open our imagination and live vicariously through his images and with our modern eyes, a chance to re-live the past.

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