‘Benjamin Button’ Trailer Arrives Online!

This Movie is gonna be SICK !!! Can’t wait for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The brand new trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has just arrived online via Apple (head there to view it in brilliant HD). Directed by David Fincher, Benjamin Button stars Brad Pitt as a man who’s born old and slowly begins to age backwards. The film tells his life story — one that follows him through a war and a love story with Cate Blanchett (the two also starred opposite one another in Babel).

And in true extended trailer fashion, this one gives us a lot more meat — snippets of scenes and dialogue from across the entire film. Visually, it looks stunning, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this freakish flick hit the radar hard come Oscar time. Check out a few stills from the trailer up top and below, then head over to Apple to view the whole thing. [ via ]