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Ben Khan : Youth

      1. Youth - Ben Khan




The latest from London based R & B connoisseur Ben Khan. The track entitled “Youth” dropped last week in anticipation of his EP 1992—expected to release on May 5th. I can’t help but associate Ben to the amazing talented and reclusive Jai Paul as their syncopated hi-fi sound crosses over on so many levels and it is only to our delight that he is actively putting out new music and filling the void that Jai has left us with.


“Youth” takes on a little bit of a different sound from his previous releases with some poppy flair attached but once again proves Khan to be very calculated and confident in his creation as all of his tracks have had a certain cohesiveness that really set his sound apart. Definitely keep your ears out for more from Ben in the coming months, he’s here to make some big sonic waves.