Beatrice Boyle

Post by Guest Blogger Michele Alexander

Beatrice Boyle has been quoted as saying (of her work) “.. The process of painting subverts the image. It is the juxtaposition of the glamorous and the sordid that has inspired me and taken my work in a new direction”.

The obvious declaration in Boyle’s work is distortion. Her process has been initiated by ripping photos from magazines and creating stunning yet defiled images of would be femme fatals. As of late, Boyle has incorporated her own photography into her intoxicating collection. Her muses are gorgeous, sensual
beauties that take on an almost black eye-lined, purposefully disheveled Alice Cooper likeness. Her work is bold, tragically painful, delicately disturbing and powerfully sexy. By sheer seeming desecration, Boyle rips, photographs, paints and glosses. The process is key-cyclical, physical and very intentional with a stunningly haunting result. Boyle’s allure demonstrates and perhaps challenges the notion of materialism to art-art to materialism? Whatever the message, the pieces are to behold.

Boyle’s work is currently on view and for the taking at the magically alive 39-39 show in London’s mecca for forever chic 3939 shop @ East End.

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