Beach a la Mode

So its finally summertime and all I can think is beach. Monday comes and I start to plan what will be the best day to ditch work and hit PCH. Weekends just arent enough! Times really havent changed too much, I mean no matter how old you are and how important your attendance is, there are certain distractions that just cant be helped.

With that said, I have been dreaming about the best summer parties possible. Its pretty tricky because in LA the beach clubs run the resorty catered beachlife to the point that if you are not apart of it you can not eat, drink, smoke, get naked, NOTHING! And what kind of beach day is it if you cant indulge in EVERYTHING!

So I did some research on how to cater better to our needs and found these great beach accessories. The first thing we NEED is the Tipi Gigante. Check out all of pictured designs by Jose A. Gandia, exclusively sold at Sabz. We are accepting donations NOW!!!! for the best summer.