Baths : Hall (The One AM Radio Remix)

Baths is 21-year-old Los Angeles resident Will Wiesenfeld and he is about to drop his debut album, Cerulean, on July 6th via Anticon. Over the past several month Baths has taken the music world by storm. Whether it be local papers, Pitchfork’s “Rising” status or even a piece on NPR’s All Things Considered… Baths seems to be everywhere.

A standout on Cerulean is definitely “Hall”, a light beat driven track that is carried by Wiesenfeld’s playful falsetto. This week The One AM Radio aka Hrishikesh Hirway dropped a remix that took my breath away. Taking what was already an amazing track, Hirway went the organic route… Adding xylophone, substituted drum machines for a drumset and replaced Baths airy vocals with the Los Feliz Ladies Choir. It is simple and beautiful yet bold and epic… And now it is time to catch my breath again.

Listen To “Hall (The One AM Radio Remix ft. The Los Feliz Ladies Choir)” Here

      1. Baths - Hall (The One AM Remix Feat The Los Feliz Ladies Choir)

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