‘Balestra’ Fashion Film for Carla Color Eyewear

Carla Colour eyewear has joined forces with film-maker Scott Pickett and model Taylor Allard to create a visually dynamic, surreal and atmospheric fashion film to present the sunglass brand in SS17.

Shot in a magnificent yet crumbling housing estate outside Paris, BALESTRA evokes an atmosphere of a parallel world blending past and future. The scene is set with the character in a vicious fencing battle… with herself…. as many other versions of herself watch on, observing, cheering, commiserating. This dramatic and visually dynamic film touches on the concepts of duality, inner struggles and eventual inspiration. The mind going to work, fighting it out. The collision of thought. One idea versus another boom… the burst of a sparkling colourful revelation.

Model, Taylor Allard, (Ford Models) gives an incredible performance as the ‘multiple hero’. Her buzz-cut and utilitarian styling were crucial to create a strong androgynous character. This stark look welcomes the explosion of colorful eyewear, featuring the key colors for the Carla Colour SS17 collection.

The writer and director Scott Pickett, created dramatic, high concept stories that are not only visually beautiful, but also absurdly comical. This is his first fashion film project.

Writer/Director: SCOTT PICKETT
Production: SUPERETTE (Paris)
Post-production: GLASSWORKS (Amsterdam)