AU: Get Alive

      1. Get Alive


Search no further: Your airtight solution for any particular doldrums is brought to you by Portland group, AU. In orchestral likeness to Beirut, both vocally and climactically, the duo confidently experiments with world-moving horns, tingling strings, and peaking pianos. “Get Alive” lives among a melange of joyful sound embraces and ripened movements of lavish arrangements on their 3rd album, Both Lights–a work 3 years in the making. Feelings atop emotions, garnished by waves of sensation produce nothing but a truly visceral experience.

Luke Wyland and Dana Valatka, the two pieces of AU, fit snugly together to create a tribute to pure sensation in an easily distracted culture on over-stimulating steroids. There are no bells and whistles, per se. Just a few banjos sprinkled in here and there. Happy listening!