Art School Confidential : Stine Ladefoged

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Recent graduate of The Danish Design School MA program, Stine Ladefoged has shared with Trendland the process for creating her graduating collection as well as the inspiration and philosophy behind it. “In my final MA project, called ”Narcissism is Calling”, I’ve been inspired by postmodern influences, especially postmodern architecture and the typical postmodern human being, who wants to be in the center of attention,” said the designer.

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“I wanted to work with knitwear and make showpieces with sculptural expressions and with focus on the detailing and techniques. The detailing has come to life through both draping and experimenting with different techniques on the knitting machine. I’ve worked with combining different gauges, such as fine gauge and bulky gauge to get more variation in the volume and structure of the knit. I’ve used techniques as jacquard, short row knitting, fully fashion, rib and plating.”

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The Process :

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“For me knitwear is fascinating because you make your own material and you can shape the knit in 3 dimensional forms without sewing and cutting. You can decide the volume of the texture and the quality by mixing and matching different yarns and techniques.”

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Keep a close eye out for whats to come from designer Stine Ladefoged