Architectural Wonderlands

Joe Price's Home in Corona Del Mar

Architectural Heir to the the one and only Bruce Goff, to date Bart Prince’s work is as unique and distinct, in its non-conformist methods, as Goff was to the world in his time. Though Goff’s mature work had no precedent, he drew inspiration from sources as varied as Antoni Gaudi, Balinese music, Claude Debussy, Japanese ukiyo-e prints, and seashells. As his student and assistant Bart Prince acquired or shared similar stimulus. The project’s that Prince has done in his lifetime can be compared to almost non of his contemporaries, many of which start from their environment, addressing and involving it 100% into the design. This can be seen below in the home he was commissioned to build by Joe Price, who also commissioned projects to Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff, in Corona Del Mar. “The scheme grew from the inside-out beginning with the desires of the client for privacy as well as an integration with the site and close association with the sea.

Interior of Joe Price's Home in Corona Del Mar

George Gradow/Barbi Benton Residence, Aspen, Colorado 1989-1993

Built on a beautiful 40 acre site above Aspen, the Gradows wanted to build one structure that would provide space for their family, guests, entertaining on a large scale, office and work space, gymnasium and exercise pools. The structure steps down the hill in cantilevered sections which allow for views from all of the spaces in the house. Part of the program from the beginning was for me to design the spaces within which Barbi Benton could work out her ideas for interior design to complement the way they wanted to live in the house.



Boyd and Mary Kay Hight Residence, near Mendocino, California 1992-1993

This house is designed to be used initially as a weekend and holiday retreat but to eventually become the full-time residence for the Hights after their retirement. The house responds to the dramatic site with a continuous undulating roof which provides a buffer to the wind on one side while opening to the ocean views on the other. Guest quarters are located over the garage at one end of the house with the master suite under the same roof but at the other end for privacy separation.



Bart Prince Residence and Studio, Albuquerque, New Mexico 1983-1984