The Approachable Quality of a Contemporary Stay: [email protected] [Japan]

Japan is a country that is surprising, intriguing and that by nature is inventive and curious – my favorite country to visit. Tokyo and its endless iconic landscape of neon lights, high-rise buildings and cutting-edge culture is bliss to experience.

In the eastern side of this remarkable city, in the up and coming district of Oshiage, a new 10-storey contemporary hotel adds to the scope of intriguing and beautifully design architecture of the city.

Designed by cult architect Kengo Kuma, the hotel has an abstract wooden facade – a material largely use to its most elegance in Japan – that is abstract and contemporary. Affording great views of the sky line from the cool plant filled rooftop terrace and industrial-like rooms designed to be functional as well as to please the aesthetically conscious crowd that caters for – in many budgets range – the hotel is inspired by the concept and immersive art exhibit.

At the shadow of Tokyo’s Skytree Tower in downtown Shiage, the hotel is well located to visit the tower – the tallest building in Japan – and a short train hop to old-time hood of Asakusa, by the Sumida River – and a favorite spot for Edo buildings and great atmospheric noodle shops.

The eye-catching facade is as contemporary as it comes – the lower levels are layered in an abstract arrangement of Jenga-like timber planks which is a signature technique of architect Kengo Kuma creating a floating like impressions with an illusionary play of light and shadows. The warehouse like interiors is clean – expect plenty of raw concrete flooring, metal, glass and beautiful geometric wooden furniture and tons of diaphanous white fabric curtains draped elegantly in juxtaposition with angular lighting.

The hotel scene in Tokyo is getting creative and affording space in designed rooms for a more budget friendly clientele. In a city that space is at a premium [email protected] delivers in service – it is not every hotel that provides the guest with in-room smart phones that enables you to make and receive free local and international calls, free internet and a digital Tokyo guide. In the land of Rising Sun the bar is definitely rising on the boutique hotel scene.

Brimming with energy, this bustling area is distinguished from the west bank, known for its samurai culture with Edo Castle at its center.