Anndra Neen’s Accessory Collection

Born and raised in Mexico City, sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens have created a completely original and out of the box accessories brand called Anndra Neen. Like their grandparents, who were closely aligned with the Muralist Movement in Mexico, they have forged their own identity with the eclectic DNA that runs in their veins. In homage to their native country, which prides itself on the quality of it’s artisinal work, all pieces are hand made in Mexico City using un-obvious materials such as brass, copper, alpaca, silver and indigenous stones. Necklaces whose metals cascade down the torso in a symphony of movement, caged metal clutches, are an innovation unto themselves and can really be considered as works of art.
All these pieces are a testament of the unique vision and talent of the Stephen’s sisters, and their meticulous artisanship. Having created such a bold and exciting brand in only 3 years, I can only imagine and eagerly anticipate what’s in the future of Anndra Neen. I would not be surprised to see pieces of these collections in museums around the world in the future