HUMAN NATURE_CHAMBER_WIDE SHOT_FRAN PARENTE_KiBiSi Versus Brick Sofa Momoko Takeshita Keane Germinate_Studio Job Bavaria Triptych Mirror

Andrew Zuckerman “Human | Nature” Curation at Chamber Gallery

CHAMBER is pleased to announce that their second annual collection, “Human | Nature,” will be curated by celebrated photographer and filmmaker Andrew Zuckerman, who will work closely with Chamber’s founder, Juan Garcia Mosqueda, in shaping the year-long project.

In curating Chamber Collection #2, Andrew Zuckerman will explore the theme of how the natural world interacts with man’s living environment as expressed through objects of design, art, and various types of ephemera. Zuckerman’s collaboration with Chamber will draw on a broad array of sources, including Japanese aesthetics, ethnographic art, and biomimetics, in the service of creating a collection of objects that reintroduce organic forms or concepts into designed spaces.

HUMAN NATURE CHAMBER Studio Job Bavaria Triptych Mirror Marlene Huissioud Bee Vase Lawrence Forcella God of Insects Sanghyeok Lee Useful Chair

The new collection explores how nature interacts with the built environment and investigates how objects have a transformative effect on our lives. Consisting of customized contemporary design pieces, specially commissioned unique editions, and historic objects, the collection will evolve throughout the year as a living, ever-changing presentation of rare and unusual artifacts.

HUMAN NATURE_CHAMBER_WIDE SHOT_FRAN PARENTE_KiBiSi Versus Brick Sofa Momoko Takeshita Keane Germinate_Studio Job Bavaria Triptych Mirror

“As an artist I’ve been deeply invested in an exploration of the natural world. So when I was approached about assembling Collection #2 for Chamber it felt right to delve into the conversation between design and nature, and its function in our living spaces. The show encompasses a collection of objects that reflect a meeting point between man and the environment.”

– Andrew Zuckerman

HUMAN NATURE_CHAMBER_Marlene Huissoud Bee Vase_Alexandra Kehayoglou Pastizal_Sanghyeok Lee Useful Chair_Lawrence Forcella God of Insects_Ika Künzel Lasso

HUMAN NATURE_CHAMBER_NASA Moonrake Bows by Brian Persico Quintus Kropholler Black Gold Bank Clay boxed by Tim Rowan Nienke Hoogvliet Re Sea Me Rug

HUMAN NATURE_CHAMBER_Chen Chen Kai Williams Tea Set Clay Boxes by Tim Rowan Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg Stag at Trunk

Chamber Collection #2 will be presented in three separate installments, called Chapters, which will be presented in the fall, winter and spring. The first Chapter, opening on Tuesday, October 6th, presents an impressive array of contemporary designers and artists –

from established figures such as botanic artist Azuma Makoto, architect Bjarke Ingels, artist Adam Fuss, designer Carl Auböck, landscape architect Marc Keane, and photographer Andrew Zuckerman himself, to emerging figures such as Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Fort Standard, Ika Künzel, Karl-Johan Hjerling, and Marlène Huissoud.

Zuckerman also expands Chamber’s concept of the contemporary Wunderkammer by presenting new designs for Austrian glassware company J. & L. Lobmeyr, as well as classics from German porcelain manufacturer Nymphenburg and rare design objects like a vintage ant farm, NASA’s lunar rake, and the Japanese Motocompo miniature vehicle. Collection #2 also includes specially commissioned work by Studio Job, the curators of Chamber Collection #1.

Chamber’s visual identity and catalogues are designed by Studio Lin. Its gallery space was designed by MOS Architects.

515 W. 23RD STREET
NY, NY 10011
+1 (212) 206 0236

Photography by Fran Parente