Amazing Parisian Mansion: Maison de Ville CK06

CK06 is an eco-friendly house in the heart of Paris’s 20th arrondissement. Designed by internationally recognized Pablo Katz, the 2,690 square feet house features the top of the technology and Eco-friendly features such as condensing boiler and solar panels, low temperature heated floors, bio-electrical wiring and waste-water recycling and on top of that a huge roof terrace with a 360-degree view of Paris.

A home that incorporates technology for the use of sustained commitment
At the very beginning of the architectural project our desire was to integrate “eco” and “technology”. We could not imagine a house that is not in tune with its time: a project both energy conscious approach without this being at the expense of light and volumes, as well as being capable of integrating the latest technologies without it being at the expense of the usability and fun.
Optimize to reduce, recycle to consume better, make it last to preserve, pool technologies and streamline networks to simplify and facilitate access to information for benefit, simplify the usability for more pleasure, were all axes reflection and inspiration. It was on this basis course choices: the energy and natural resource management, the materials and equipment, the design of networks and technologies, the management and distribution of data .. .
Pablo Katz incorporates an environmental approach to his projects for over 10 years and is a pioneer in sustainable development approach (urban projects) and HQE (architectural). It was therefore a very productive exchange and very constructive that we had together, which led to the establishment of high-performance solutions, optimized, and completely in tune with our desires and requirements.

Photography Jean-Marc Palisse/Cote Paris/Interior Archive
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