Alexandra Blak Jewelry

Written by Guest Blogger Anna Sutton

The sun has risen on neon again and if there’s one thing Australian culture knows how to handle, it’s neon.  And it smells like a frangipani-musk, sunshine synth-remix bouncing off Ken Done-adorned walls. In the 1980s and 90s high intensity color partied day and night in the form of two-tone neoprene wetsuits on our beaches and bodycon funk in our clubs. It’s been revived by the lifesaver of fun many times since, and now Australian accessories label Alexandra Blak ohas given neon a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart.

Designer Alexandra Anson’s  sculptural statement pieces are hedonistic without tipping over into glow stick excess. Lucite, hand-carved with diamond-like precision, lends a sophisticated edge to a bold oasis of semi-transparent color.

Wrist cuffs like glowing tunnels of light speed into the future in a spectrum of fluorescent pink, electric tangerine and lemon-lime, while bold chokers and bib collars lend a sci-fi dimension to modern sun warrior-style.

Elsewhere, hand-knotted rope contrasts starkly with black Lucite in necklaces that binds us to a love of neon in an intriguing twist on colour and form. The aptly named ‘Not for the faint hearted’ earrings loop-the-loop in super-sized day-glo hoops that bring to mind Barbie unleashed on the hyper-saturated nightlife of Tokyo circa 2050.





Photography, Zanita Whittington
Styling, Sue Ann San
Hair and Make-up, Megan Harrison
Model, Taylor Warren

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