Alexander McQueen AW09


Alexander McQueen put the meaning to fashion SHOW with his AW09/10 collection for Paris Fashion Week. This collection definitely stands out to others which have been playing it safe this season. Entitled “Horn of Plenty” it had a massive pile of old tyres, sinks and televisions center stage. With also old props from past shows.



Models resembling Marilyn Manson with pale white faces and big red/black lips. Towering on platform heels and each with a creatively recycled hat…inspiration from umbrellas, pillow cases, tyres, and large knitted structures!

picture-35 picture-15

picture-29 picture-21

Almost Geisha Like the models wore a lot of houndstooth black and white dresses, some with structures nearly 5,6 or 7 dimensional! Large geometric structures with a lot of coats and a lot of large collars. Red was a popular shade throughout the collection, with a few stripes as seen before. One dress made entirely of feathers is quite outstanding!A lot of cocoon shapes and pleats and folds make for a wardrobe to rival Cruella De Vil. Also a mermaid tail effect on the few final dresses made for quite a spectacle!All in all a vibrant collection with sophistication and elegance and a bit of craziness!