Alessandro Isola’s “Stumble Upon” Unexpected Design Ideas

Alessandro Isola‘s noteworthy “Stumble Upon” Collection, consisting of sofa and coffee table, is a work of an outstanding artistry – the designer’s creative decisions resulted in originating unexpectedly organic and functional forms. Italian architect pushed the boundaries of product design while bringing the collection into the existence.

For the “Stumble Upon” sofa, he transformed carpet imperfections such as wrinkles into supportive curves, creating a distinctive seating space that has an option to change its height and curvature, with a practical addition such as book shelving beneath it.

Stumble Upon Coffee Table acts as a functional table area, accented with a curved polished reflective surface that creates a contrast between the top part of the rug and the underlay while enhancing those folds and curves.

A sleek collection playing with your imagination demonstrates designer’s deep awareness of space and utility.