Afrofuturism Collages of Kaylan Michel

Montreal based self-taught visual artist & graphic designer Kaylan Michel aka Lost In The Island, uses colorful and vibrant colors to create her mixed-media collages of African inspired celestial Goddess mixed with futuristic and spiritual details.

“Each piece is a part of me that I share”, says Kaylan. We love her Afrofuturistic style, a new style that became popular around the release of movie Black Panther.

Being originally from Africa, I look up to African art and afro futuristic art styles. I love patterns, colors and designs that represent my roots.

“I love the fact that each person can see different things in one piece of art and relate to it. Some artists I look up to are: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt, and a New York based artist Kehinde Wiley. I love the energy behind their work, it truly inspires me.”

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