Advertising Photographers of America Photo Competition Winners Round-Up

Advertising Photographers of America holds a photo competition every year to recognize the commercial talent of photographers in different industries. APA is a great resource for anyone looking to book photographers for advertising and other commercial media. I spent a great amount of time diligently looking through the portfolio’s of all 26 winners of this year’s competition and came up with this edited synopsis of my favorite winning portfolio’s. Note : Some of the winner’s were recognized in different categories than the work selected for this feature. This is an exclusive selection of the winners so all winners are not featured here, for a full list of the winners you may visit 2009 PHOTO COMPETITION WINNERS. (broken link)

ross andersson-3

ross andersson-1

ross andersson-2

ross andersson-4

ross andersson-6

ross andersson-5

Fashion (Merit Award) : Dani Brubaker

Dani BRubaker-1

Dani BRubaker-5

Dani BRubaker-9

Dani BRubaker-8

Dani BRubaker-7

Dani BRubaker-3

Dani BRubaker-2

Dani BRubaker-4

Still Life (1st Place) : Joshua Scott

joshua scott photography-8

joshua scott photography-7

joshua scott photography-10

joshua scott photography-5

joshua scott photography-4

joshua scott photography-3

joshua scott photography-1

Still Life (2nd Place) : Nicholas Duers

nicholas duers-6

nicholas duers-7

nicholas duers-1

nicholas duers-2

nicholas duers-3

nicholas duers-4

nicholas duers-5

Still Life (Merit Award) : Ljubodrag Andric

Ljubodrag Andric-1

Ljubodrag Andric-6

Ljubodrag Andric-7

Ljubodrag Andric-5

Ljubodrag Andric-4

Ljubodrag Andric-2

Ljubodrag Andric-3

Lifestyle (Merit Award) : Robert Hooman

Robert Hooman-1

Robert Hooman-2

Robert Hooman-3

Robert Hooman-4

Robert Hooman-5

Personal/Fine Art (1st Place Winner ): Genevieve Caron

genevieve caron-4

genevieve caron-2genevieve caron-3

genevieve caron-1

genevieve caron-5

Personal/Fine Art (Merit Award): Francois Robert

francois robert -3

francois robert -1

francois robert -5

francois robert -6

francois robert -4

Portrait (2nd Place): Mike Narsisco

Mike Narcisco-2

Mike Narcisco-3

Mike Narcisco-1

Mike Narcisco-4

Mike Narcisco-5

Mike Narcisco-6

Action Sports / Adventure (1st Place Winner) : Celin Serbo

celin cerbo-1

celin cerbo-2

celin cerbo-3

Action Sports / Adventure (2nd Place Winner) : Scott Markewitz

scott markewitz-1

scott markewitz-2

scott markewitz-3

Student (2nd Place Award) : Marisa Howenstine

marisa howenstine-2

marisa howenstine-1

marisa howenstine-3